I Do Art

December 29, 2016
Little Green Men.jpgExtraterrestrials cheering me on!

I always had a desire to do art.  My mother reminded me of the classes for seniors at the community center.  They painted still life using oil paints.  I looked in their faces as they concentrated.  I watched how they mixed colors and applied them to their canvases.   After a while, I’d leave and explore playing with children my age.  After a while, return to the artists.  I spent more time in that room, in the quiet, than with children my age.

I was given special permission to be in the room and, later, receive art instruction from an African American male artist.  I don’t remember his name.  He was in his 60s or 70s at the time.  He made time to critique one of my drawings.  He helped me see the colors within color, how to observe light changes, and many other things.    

From nursery school all the way through to high school, art was at the fore.  I switched it up a little in college.  Too often I heard the phrase “Starving Artists Sale” to remain confident that I could make a living solely as an artist.  I liked architecture because it combined art and science and I pursued that degree thinking the combination would provide me with what I needed to do and what I wanted to do.  I almost completed the licensing process, short one section.  A life priority was more important that to this day, three years in, I have not made the time to resume from ground zero as I’ve lost all I had accomplished.

I thought the first thing I pursued would be the last thing I complete.  It may be.  After my Beloved crossed over, he said, through my friend who was open to receive his communication, that I won’t need to.  Architectural knowledge, sacred geometry and related, that was needed to serve my work was acquired.  It’s all about the art now. 




Republican Debate August 6, 2015

August 11, 2015

A thought crossed my mind and it made me smile.

“You can’t spell “Trump” without “Rump”

That is a small zing.  In fact, it was not meant to be.  It’s an observation and obvious at that.  Hence the smile.    This man at 22:39PM was a spoiler and an accuser that offered nothing positive to the proceedings.  None of them did, actually.  All of the candidates reminded me of low informed voters.  They have very limited information about what goes on behind closed doors in Washington, DC.  They speak as if all of the information was  made readily available.

How do I know?  It is a feeling.  The feeling is based on national and international events that were revealed and the level of secrecy could not have happened without a plan and controls at all levels possible.  This is not a conspiracy theory mind expressing itself.    I think it is just plans that were enacted to achieve an outcome. That simple.

Hurricane Katrina’s process was known when it became a tropical depression in the Atlantic. With all of the satellites and technological ability to track and forecast tropical storms, how could we not be informed….unless there was a reason for it. Bush 43 was told; he knew where the hurricane was going. The Army Corp of Engineers was ordered to destroy the levies to save more expensive real estate. A Black woman witnessed this and testified before Congress, who was called a liar by a congressman,   was later vindicated. This was an event concocted by the Republican Party to influence the outcome of the next presidential election. Obviously, it did not work.   Many years later the Republican Party was mentioned in connection to the delayed release of hostages held in Iran during the Carter Administration in exchange for money and weapons.

All of the truths came out later but no one was held accountable.    And it continues with, among many, a man who claims he was preparing for this his entire life. I believed Reagan was, and John Wayne was a part of it, faster than I believe Trump laying claim. Trump should have made better choices including not running.

All of My Last Names

June 13, 2015


I have contemplated using all of my last names. I realized, however, that I don’t know them all. I know my mother’s maiden name and that is where it ends so far.   I don’t know here mother’s maiden name.

I was thinking it would be honorable to include all of the names of all of the women who proceeded me. Rather than my father, they were the people who bore the future beings leading to me.

I was given the name Allison Lynette Williams by my mother. Her last name was Johnson. I intend to find her mother’s last name and possibly her mother before her. Then I married. Each woman could have that option: to include the name of her husband’s family after the last names of all of the women who preceded her. This is not for signing documents but more for having name links and the story that ends with the name of the bearer.

I discussed investigating and assembling my mother’s family tree. It acknowledges all of those who came before me. I know her father, my grandfather. But no one knows my grandfather’s parents.

I feel a need to know this. It pays homage to all of the families before me.

Men, and possibly women, may ask, “Is all of this necessary?” My answer is absolutely not, Why, however, limit it to only immediate family? It would be interesting and a different feeling to include all of the women who lead to my existence.


April 6, 2014

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The Snake That Came To Visit

April 6, 2014

ImageThe shedded snake skin was draped across the sewer line in the basement, directly over the washing machine. It looked to be over two feet long.

My skin crawled. I think snakes are beautiful but I prefer that they remain outside and miles from me. I looked around to see if, maybe, it would be in the middle of the floor, waiting, or deciding where it wanted to go.   It had a lot of choices. There was so much stuff down there. There was the workbench with all of the tools; two lovely wood and glass china closets; couches and chairs, boxes of shoes, and clothing!!

The ceiling was exposed. I knew the hot and cold water lines, the electrical lines, and the ductwork and knew the spaces they served. I saw nothing curled up around the pipes or rods. Yes, I liked the “Alien” movie series and vowed that if I was ever commissioned to design a space station on another planet, drop ceilings were out.

I went down to do the laundry. I was not attacked. That was day one in April 2012. Day two I left the skin where it was for a while, photographed and then removed it. Thought the snake needed it to find its way out, like a bread crumb, you understand? I dowsed with the pendulum Master Dowser Greg “Mountain Man” Storozuk made for me. I got that it left the house.

I mentioned it to my mother after wishing her another happy birthday. She said she read that ammonia keeps them at bay. An article written by a woman who camped with her family in a wood used this method and she reported it worked.  I trusted the dowsed information and, four days later as I add to this, I have not seen evidence of the snake. I do look up at the exposed ceiling more often.

Well, a second shedded skin was left this week, in October 2012. I thought had I kept up the bleach smell, it might not have returned. There was always an opened bottle so I kept up that practice assuming it was for that purpose. It might not have thought that it was a safe place to repeat its business. A resident suggested feeding the cats that popped up now and again. I would only have to do this once a week; they would return and if no food was provided they would naturally hunt in the yard. They would work to kill the snakes they find. Given that we are here temporarily, I hesitate to develop relationships with the cats I saw. I don’t know where they came from, who they belong to. I am counting on the weather getting so cold that the snake will have satisfied it needs until spring.

We are in April 2014. What did I see when I walked into the basement but a four foot plus rat snake laying along the masonry wall next to the washing machine and dryer. Well, naturally, I spoke to it asking why it was there. It was not supposed to be. Between October and now, a snake was against the window knocking against the venetian blind. I went to the kitchen and called Terminex to get help. While on the phone, I heard clanging and a thump. The snake must have fallen off the window sill. A very nice smelling man came. He did a thorough walk-through and found nothing. He politely said I should have stayed in the basement with the snake. Mr. Terminex man pointed out where the snake might be getting in. I brought home a couple of cans of foam expansion stuff and went to spraying in the cracks.

On this fine April day, with rubber gloves on, I’d go downstairs to see if this snake was going to leave. Its head was held high. Its body did not appear to move. My husband was coughing. I left to see what I could do for him. I return, the length of the snake on one side of a pipe was less, so it actually did move. My husband started coughing again. I left to see what I could do for him. I returned and the snake moved again. My husband started coughing again. . I left to see what I could do for him. I came down with a plastic leaf bag. I sprayed the snake with Raid Max. I was getting over a cold so, thankfully, I was not able to smell well. It fell to the concrete floor. I moved toward it and it slithered under a little case. I waited. It stuck its head to move towards the  furniture. Had it been able to do this, it would have died. The stench would have filled the space. I sprayed it with more Raid Max. My husband started coughing again. I left to see what I could do for him. I returned and the snake was still under the case. I brought down a spade shovel. I attempted to push the snake out from under the shelf. I thought when it fell to the floor would have been a good time to grab it.

I was getting impatient. My husband started coughing again. I left to see what I could do for him. I returned. I was impatient. I was not going to wait for the snake to decide what it wanted to do. I stuck it with the spade. It came out. I began talking to it again.

“I’m not waiting for you. I’ve HAD it. You’re taking too long.“ I stuck it with the shovel a few times. Blood was pouring out. It opened its mouth. “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR YOU!! I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!!” I grabbed it with the plastic bag. I put the shovel to the side and used both hands. I scooped it up. I thrashed the bag on the concrete floor. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!!!! DIE!!” I kept banging the bagged snake against the floor. A hole opened up. I saw a part of the snake covered with blood. I took the bag upstairs and bagged it in another bag. I took moist paper towels with cleaner and mopped up the blood. I threw them in the bag, tied it up and put it in the dumpster under the screened in porch. It pays to talk things out.  

I Want To Eat Food!

March 19, 2014


February 24, 2014

It seemed like a good idea at first.

When I saw the post for a park to be planted with fruit bearing tees in Seattle, the first of its kind in the United States, I thought that as great.  I saw an article for a park at Beacon Hill that ran in Seattle magazine in August 2012.

I “liked” the post.

When a friend reposted it my comment was “Great idea, however, I keep thinking the maintenance would be in the form of Round Up or similar.”

The last thought that occurred this morning as I made my husband’s breakfast was that it was irrelevant that Monsanto produces these products.  If by some chance there is insistence that the maintenance and care would be organic and the staff, paid and/or volunteer saw to it, there is the phantom factor of chemtrails that line the skies turning them white raining down ungodly elements that Nature cannot use.

Chemtrail Central documented information on chemtrails between 2000 and 2001 . The author used a sheet of glass, set it in rain and noticed that a film formed.  He had it analyzed.  If anyone disputes the results, his process, as I have given it, makes it extremely easy for anyone to duplicate.  If money is an issue, I would suggest taking it to the local agriculture extension.  Your purpose would be to see what is in the rain and how it can help your personal crops or your lawn.

Ted Gunderson. Former FBI chief, spoke about chemtrails tying them to the United Nations.  See his video done in the last year of his life.    It may be coincidental that Mr. Gunderson crossed over in the same year that he recorded that video.  Representative Dennis Kucinich acknowledged their existence and listed it in his Preservation of Space bill.

My husband’s parents were from the British Virgin Islands.  He spoke of his visits during the summer when he was sent to do chores.  On the way to and on his return he has his choice of what fruits he wanted to eat.  The fruit trees were various and plentiful; he was never hungry. Those days, chemtrails did not exist.  They do today and to all of the organic farmers I ask how do these rains impact the quality of the food that is grown in the interest of guaranteeing its quality for themselves and others interested in improving their health?

While in the BVI, I noticed chemtrails being sprayed there as well.  It was significant that they were most abundant when cruise ships visited.  A BV Islander noticed them too.  “More people get sick with sore throats after they appear,” she said.

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March 8, 2014

David Paul Starr posted on Facebook content that also acknowledges and document that chemtrails exist and what the stuff in them does to the body, particularly the brain, the Command Center.

“Every breath we take is now laden with toxic metals and chemicals from the ongoing global atmospheric spraying. These materials “bioaccumulate” in our bodies and brains. What we face from the climate engineering programs is nothing less than an all out assault against us, the planet, and all life.” – Dane Wigington, www.geoengineeringwatch.org.  Article: Neurologist Warns Aluminum in Chemtrails Could Cause “Explosive Increase in Neurodegenerative Diseases.”

We are living in it, walking, breathing, and working in it now.   I say it is a thinning of all populations by poisoning everything available.  It is logical that those who are implementing this project have their health-supporting resources allocated.

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Food Industry Investigation

February 23, 2014

Stop Bill C-18

Bill C-18, the “Agricultural Growth Act” omnibus bill, amending several federal agricultural laws, was introduced in Parliament on December 9, 2013. If passed, it will give multi-national agri-business much more money, power and control while increasing farmers’ costs and reducing farmers’ autonomy and Canadian sovereignty.

The following information about Bill C-18 and its implications, as well as about the NFU’s proposed Farmers Seed Act can be used as a Toolkit to help you organize opposition to the Bill.


Clarify your understanding of key issues related to C-18 by reading “Questions and Answers about Bill C-18.” A pdf download.


Question II by Allison L. Williams Hill

I thought the person who filed a lawsuit against a fast food chain would have validity if it had addressed the quality of the food products.  For example, it was revealed that many fast food chain products contain GMO.  Rodale’s 2012 impactful study showed that the bt toxin, long defended by Monsanto as being destroyed in the abdomen’s acid, showed up in the placental tissue of pregnant women and in their newborns.


Rather the lawsuit was dismissed because the plaintiff had the ability to not eat the product and to control what went into the body.  With GMO products, one cannot control what is in the product.   


The rising rate of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease has led to the possibility of investigating into the food industry knowledge and intent of creating food products that created addictive behavior.


Who is encouraging this?  Is it the citizen groups who have had it with the experience of being told what is available for them to consume?  Is it scientists who have studied the effects of food on the human body and mind?  Is it the insurance industry that is paying out for these illnesses?  Is it the state government funding Medicare and Medicaid?


The lack of information or the provision of “designed” information about the contents of processed food and its impact on behavior is almost as derisive as lying.  The knowledge of what is not healthy is in it and known but not told. 


This is a plan: Increase the desire to get more food that, when consumed, has physical consequences  (which varies per person) then sell the remedy to solve that problem.  That is the back end sale of the pharmaceutical industry.  Along with agriculture, both are monitored by the Food and Drug Administration.    The title of this department had never been the Food and Drug Safety Administration.


Is it necessary to investigate whether the food industry was aware of the addictive nature of their product formulas?    High fructose corn syrup, the cheapest sweetener, and the most affective substance in turning off the body’s natural system of satiation, is considered the major cause of the obesity and diabetes II of adults and children in this country.    


Is it necessary to investigate the food industry’s knowledge of the impact of advertising to children?  I’ve not read Ray Crock’s biography, but Eric Schlosser, author, discussed Crock’s observations at McDonald’s in his presentation at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  While I walk, I listen to the IIN lectures constantly on an iPod, provided by the school when I did the program online even though I graduated from the program almost 4 years ago.  Crock noticed that the money spent increased when children came into the restaurant with adults.  In other words, when children came, they made more money. 


That intelligence has been applied to commercials for children’s products of all kinds, including processed food.  Mr. Schlosser watched children’s programming with his own children and noticed that the same commercials were replayed.  He said he wondered why the commercials did not change.  He said it increased recall in the child; the information became “imprinted,” by definition means “to fix firmly, as in the mind.”  Mr. Schlosser then said the magic word: brainwashing.   


Foods advertised to children rarely have their nutritional health at heart.  Only a little information is provided, as sound bites in a commercial, or as stamps on the packaging to ensure they cover the adult’s perception of nutritional value to secure the purchase in response to a child’s constant requests.


And it is feasible that millions of advertising dollars were applied without research and just happened to gross billions of dollars in revenue.  If that is plausible to you, not only do I have a couple of bridges to sell you, not just one, mind you, but I’ll throw in for free inflammation so you can experience obesity; rheumatoid arthritis; diabetes, hypertension, and name another-prevalent-disease deliciously disguised in a boxed case of baked goods.


The Family Tree

February 23, 2014

Image “Spirit of the Island I” by Allison L. Williams Hill

On January 26th of this year I took notes as I listened to my mother talk about what she remembered about her family.  This past weekend I spoke to my uncle, her brother after he received my letter stating I would pursue documenting our genealogy. 

 I learned for the first time that my mother’s parents are from the southern part of the United States also.  I always thought they were born in New York as she was.  My father’s family is also from the south, the same state and both parents grew up not too far from each other. 

I’ve always known my uncle by his nick name.  I learned he had that nickname until he started to go to school.  There was a debate on what he should be called: grandma had one idea, and grandpa had another.  Grandma won.  

“There are a lot of skeletons in the closet,” said my uncle.  When he finished, I looked over my notes.  I called my mother a little while after.  She was busy, I left a message.

“There are a lot of skeletons in the closet,” I said.  “It appears that it’s standing room only.”

I learned that we had a cousin that was kidnapped by a babysitter.  Neither the child nor the babysitter was found.  My uncle did not remember the child’s name.  I did not ask if he remembered if it was a boy or a girl.

I did not know about the artistic capabilities of another uncle.  I never got the chance to see his work.  Mom said he taught her how to color in a coloring book.  He taught her how to outline the form and fill in the color.  My mother said she’d just color in and beyond the lines.  This uncle coughed so much from smoking, he’d break his ribs.  His third wife dies from cancer.  It was a surprise to him; she was his caregiver and kept it a secret.  He was left in the hands of his daughter who, upon returning from the store he asked her to go to, found his body bleeding out from the shunt he removed for dialysis. 

She took pictures and distributed them to the surviving brother and sister.  When my husband and I return to New York, I thought I’d have a little fun with her by telling her we never married and lived together.  She is really into church. I told my friend, a Yoruba priestess, who is considered a heathen in her family that I’d stack her up against her relatives any day.  After hearing about the pictures, I’m not so sure.  

We have few pictures, few dates but a great opportunity for me to conduct a hell of a lot of interviews with people I never met.  I mentioned to my uncle since his father loved the women, I might have cousins all around us where we are.

I knew many, many years ago that my great great-grandfather was a white Irishman.  While talking to my uncle, I wondered where on earth would I be able to find information about him and the reason he was a part of this family. 


We’re Back

August 16, 2013


After we relocated to the US, a lot of my time continues to be used for caregiving.  My husband and I are concentrating on his wellness.  On my Creative Caregiving website I discuss that the VA clinic and medical center where we are have been responsive and wonderful in their support of my husband’s health. 

My husband is now a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars and through them I found out how much the federal government is delinquent in processing pension applications.  I thought about looking up the names of the veterans used to discredit  John Carey when he was running for president against Bush 43.  Carey was a veteran; Bush was not and still is not a veteran.  He played at being a pilot and that is a dripping wad of spit in every pilot’s eye. 

Questions about Carey grew from testimonies about his shooting bullets into the heads of prone enemy soldiers.  A nun, tortured in a South American country, managed to survive by appearing dead in a mound of tortured nuns and other people.  She remembered hearing the supervisor talking on a phone in between the pain.  “How are the children?” he asked.  He had an American accent.  The nun’s experience was aired on 60 Minutes several years ago.

So, it was not possible that some of those prone enemy combatants could have risen and injured American soldiers.

The Veterans Administration did poorly addressing vets’ needs during Bush 43’s eight years as president.  The difficulty began during the Iraqi invasion.  It seemed as if Rumsfeld was more concerned about minimizing the publicized numbers of the fallen than providing adequate services for the wounded. To those veterans who spoke out against Carey:  How did you like those eight years?  Got all of your needs met?  Perhaps you did because you successfully helped non-soldiers “play” at being proficient as fighters and experienced strategists (called Republicans).  Know anyone who did not get their needs met?  There were many veterans who did not and still don’t. 

In light of my husband’s pending application at the VA at this point in time, I had to make a choice: either work outside of the home and place my husband in a facility or stay home to care for him.  My work has resumed fulfilling the latter, really the only choice, around the time that care is given. 

The stream to attract people to my work and services has been stocked with more information, videos I enjoyed creating, and products.  I do energy work for healing and for clear communication with Spirit.  One of the insights I received was that only one of the websites is important: In-Vesica: “Do All Things In-Vesica.”   The slogan means do all things from a spiritual place.  My husband’s website, Hill International Group, listing his work on small business development from his PDE (Project Demonstrating Excellence- a term used by the Union Institute and University where he received his doctorate degree) will be separate as will Full Spectrum Living, a gift from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to all graduates of the program for health coaching. 

Allison L. Williams Hill has over thirty years of experience from various architectural firms in New York City, her own practice there and in the Caribbean. She began studying spirituality over twenty years ago and enjoys channeling through art.  The architectural firm, L5 Design in the United States and L5 Associates in the Caribbean, was moved into In-Vesica where she integrates architecture and alternative medical therapy and her signature process, psycho-ecological design. 


Thoughts on Don King

July 18, 2011

What if this were constructed to human proportions. How cute would it be then?

Every time I see a Troll doll, I giggle: I think they are Don King’s love babies.

Check the hair. For the last 5 plus years, white males gel their hair into peaks. Is it the invention of a white male hairdresser. excuse me, hair stylist to pull up the hair and let it stand? Maybe, but the subconscious inspiration was Don King.

He said in interviews he was hospitalized, I don’t remember for what, and he woke up one day and his hair was standing straight up. Antennae, receiving cosmic messages.
Revenue earned from male hair care products including gels is over $2 billion worldwide. I tend to think of the “cradle to grave” process , how much raw material it takes to create the product and how long the emptied containers remain in landfill.

I acknowledge Don King’s influence on the male hair care industry in general. I am sure he is presented with a check every quarter. Authentic Troll dolls, originally called “Dam Things” are currently going for over $200.

Humans having fun. Need a bit of "fluffing" up.

Only in America.