Learned to Appreciate Learning

I’ve been taking stock of how many personal development products I purchased.  They are for my own use, however, as an energy healer and a health coach, I thought they would also be of use in a lending library for clients.

Several people in the personal development  field have created exceptional interview programs that delve into the human psyche, emotions, and spirituality.  One upholds that each of us can transform ourselves from the rich nature of our being ; one draws connections between science and spirit, and another shares how ancient wisdom can help us in modern times.  Each offers different hammers and chisels to penetrate mental and emotional obstructions like releasing a diamond from a mine.

We learn to recognize our phenomenal nature as human beings  but  that we are also spirit experiencing the physical.

I was very cruel to myself (infer how I could have been to others) about my inability to get things correct.  I realized years and years later that I learned by doing the incorrect things in order to understand why a thing works the way it does.  The mistakes provided useful information.  Beyond that in more years, as I study these products and others, I have gotten high on the ability to learn and apply the knowledge.

New Age jargon emphasized one’s greatness and perfection.  People thought they could just absorb powers and become “that”.  This absolutely tied into the instant gratification world developed by mass production and technology.  Becoming anything takes time and work.    Initially parts of becoming have been revealed but not all of it.  What has not been common knowledge, and I think was the missing link, was how the subconscious mind develops and how much control it has in one’s life.

We are at the end of the first year of the new millennium.  With this information about how to control our thinking and with science’s findings, specifically Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work on how thought affects our cells, there should never be another gray hair, fatigued individual, depression, obesity, anorexia, bulimia or victim.  Physical issues like glaucoma, leukemia, sickle cell anemia are mutations and require special treatment.    However, I look to the day when one person will be written about as having used methods to reprogram the body to heal it of a disease that is only manageable or incurable today.

With all of this information and combinations of applications offering a choice to live free, really free of mental and emotional scaffolding, how would we appear?  What kind of worlds could we create within a world that may not be free of conflict somewhere?  It only takes 10% of the population of minds to make a difference.  A shift will happen and we will witness it.

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