Thoughts on Don King

What if this were constructed to human proportions. How cute would it be then?

Every time I see a Troll doll, I giggle: I think they are Don King’s love babies.

Check the hair. For the last 5 plus years, white males gel their hair into peaks. Is it the invention of a white male hairdresser. excuse me, hair stylist to pull up the hair and let it stand? Maybe, but the subconscious inspiration was Don King.

He said in interviews he was hospitalized, I don’t remember for what, and he woke up one day and his hair was standing straight up. Antennae, receiving cosmic messages.
Revenue earned from male hair care products including gels is over $2 billion worldwide. I tend to think of the “cradle to grave” process , how much raw material it takes to create the product and how long the emptied containers remain in landfill.

I acknowledge Don King’s influence on the male hair care industry in general. I am sure he is presented with a check every quarter. Authentic Troll dolls, originally called “Dam Things” are currently going for over $200.

Humans having fun. Need a bit of "fluffing" up.

Only in America.

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