The Snake That Came To Visit

ImageThe shedded snake skin was draped across the sewer line in the basement, directly over the washing machine. It looked to be over two feet long.

My skin crawled. I think snakes are beautiful but I prefer that they remain outside and miles from me. I looked around to see if, maybe, it would be in the middle of the floor, waiting, or deciding where it wanted to go.   It had a lot of choices. There was so much stuff down there. There was the workbench with all of the tools; two lovely wood and glass china closets; couches and chairs, boxes of shoes, and clothing!!

The ceiling was exposed. I knew the hot and cold water lines, the electrical lines, and the ductwork and knew the spaces they served. I saw nothing curled up around the pipes or rods. Yes, I liked the “Alien” movie series and vowed that if I was ever commissioned to design a space station on another planet, drop ceilings were out.

I went down to do the laundry. I was not attacked. That was day one in April 2012. Day two I left the skin where it was for a while, photographed and then removed it. Thought the snake needed it to find its way out, like a bread crumb, you understand? I dowsed with the pendulum Master Dowser Greg “Mountain Man” Storozuk made for me. I got that it left the house.

I mentioned it to my mother after wishing her another happy birthday. She said she read that ammonia keeps them at bay. An article written by a woman who camped with her family in a wood used this method and she reported it worked.  I trusted the dowsed information and, four days later as I add to this, I have not seen evidence of the snake. I do look up at the exposed ceiling more often.

Well, a second shedded skin was left this week, in October 2012. I thought had I kept up the bleach smell, it might not have returned. There was always an opened bottle so I kept up that practice assuming it was for that purpose. It might not have thought that it was a safe place to repeat its business. A resident suggested feeding the cats that popped up now and again. I would only have to do this once a week; they would return and if no food was provided they would naturally hunt in the yard. They would work to kill the snakes they find. Given that we are here temporarily, I hesitate to develop relationships with the cats I saw. I don’t know where they came from, who they belong to. I am counting on the weather getting so cold that the snake will have satisfied it needs until spring.

We are in April 2014. What did I see when I walked into the basement but a four foot plus rat snake laying along the masonry wall next to the washing machine and dryer. Well, naturally, I spoke to it asking why it was there. It was not supposed to be. Between October and now, a snake was against the window knocking against the venetian blind. I went to the kitchen and called Terminex to get help. While on the phone, I heard clanging and a thump. The snake must have fallen off the window sill. A very nice smelling man came. He did a thorough walk-through and found nothing. He politely said I should have stayed in the basement with the snake. Mr. Terminex man pointed out where the snake might be getting in. I brought home a couple of cans of foam expansion stuff and went to spraying in the cracks.

On this fine April day, with rubber gloves on, I’d go downstairs to see if this snake was going to leave. Its head was held high. Its body did not appear to move. My husband was coughing. I left to see what I could do for him. I return, the length of the snake on one side of a pipe was less, so it actually did move. My husband started coughing again. I left to see what I could do for him. I returned and the snake moved again. My husband started coughing again. . I left to see what I could do for him. I came down with a plastic leaf bag. I sprayed the snake with Raid Max. I was getting over a cold so, thankfully, I was not able to smell well. It fell to the concrete floor. I moved toward it and it slithered under a little case. I waited. It stuck its head to move towards the  furniture. Had it been able to do this, it would have died. The stench would have filled the space. I sprayed it with more Raid Max. My husband started coughing again. I left to see what I could do for him. I returned and the snake was still under the case. I brought down a spade shovel. I attempted to push the snake out from under the shelf. I thought when it fell to the floor would have been a good time to grab it.

I was getting impatient. My husband started coughing again. I left to see what I could do for him. I returned. I was impatient. I was not going to wait for the snake to decide what it wanted to do. I stuck it with the spade. It came out. I began talking to it again.

“I’m not waiting for you. I’ve HAD it. You’re taking too long.“ I stuck it with the shovel a few times. Blood was pouring out. It opened its mouth. “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR YOU!! I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!!” I grabbed it with the plastic bag. I put the shovel to the side and used both hands. I scooped it up. I thrashed the bag on the concrete floor. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!!!! DIE!!” I kept banging the bagged snake against the floor. A hole opened up. I saw a part of the snake covered with blood. I took the bag upstairs and bagged it in another bag. I took moist paper towels with cleaner and mopped up the blood. I threw them in the bag, tied it up and put it in the dumpster under the screened in porch. It pays to talk things out.  

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