Republican Debate August 6, 2015

A thought crossed my mind and it made me smile.

“You can’t spell “Trump” without “Rump”

That is a small zing.  In fact, it was not meant to be.  It’s an observation and obvious at that.  Hence the smile.    This man at 22:39PM was a spoiler and an accuser that offered nothing positive to the proceedings.  None of them did, actually.  All of the candidates reminded me of low informed voters.  They have very limited information about what goes on behind closed doors in Washington, DC.  They speak as if all of the information was  made readily available.

How do I know?  It is a feeling.  The feeling is based on national and international events that were revealed and the level of secrecy could not have happened without a plan and controls at all levels possible.  This is not a conspiracy theory mind expressing itself.    I think it is just plans that were enacted to achieve an outcome. That simple.

Hurricane Katrina’s process was known when it became a tropical depression in the Atlantic. With all of the satellites and technological ability to track and forecast tropical storms, how could we not be informed….unless there was a reason for it. Bush 43 was told; he knew where the hurricane was going. The Army Corp of Engineers was ordered to destroy the levies to save more expensive real estate. A Black woman witnessed this and testified before Congress, who was called a liar by a congressman,   was later vindicated. This was an event concocted by the Republican Party to influence the outcome of the next presidential election. Obviously, it did not work.   Many years later the Republican Party was mentioned in connection to the delayed release of hostages held in Iran during the Carter Administration in exchange for money and weapons.

All of the truths came out later but no one was held accountable.    And it continues with, among many, a man who claims he was preparing for this his entire life. I believed Reagan was, and John Wayne was a part of it, faster than I believe Trump laying claim. Trump should have made better choices including not running.

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