I Do Art

Little Green Men.jpgExtraterrestrials cheering me on!

I always had a desire to do art.  My mother reminded me of the classes for seniors at the community center.  They painted still life using oil paints.  I looked in their faces as they concentrated.  I watched how they mixed colors and applied them to their canvases.   After a while, I’d leave and explore playing with children my age.  After a while, return to the artists.  I spent more time in that room, in the quiet, than with children my age.

I was given special permission to be in the room and, later, receive art instruction from an African American male artist.  I don’t remember his name.  He was in his 60s or 70s at the time.  He made time to critique one of my drawings.  He helped me see the colors within color, how to observe light changes, and many other things.    

From nursery school all the way through to high school, art was at the fore.  I switched it up a little in college.  Too often I heard the phrase “Starving Artists Sale” to remain confident that I could make a living solely as an artist.  I liked architecture because it combined art and science and I pursued that degree thinking the combination would provide me with what I needed to do and what I wanted to do.  I almost completed the licensing process, short one section.  A life priority was more important that to this day, three years in, I have not made the time to resume from ground zero as I’ve lost all I had accomplished.

I thought the first thing I pursued would be the last thing I complete.  It may be.  After my Beloved crossed over, he said, through my friend who was open to receive his communication, that I won’t need to.  Architectural knowledge, sacred geometry and related, that was needed to serve my work was acquired.  It’s all about the art now. 





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