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I Want To Eat Food!

March 19, 2014


February 24, 2014

It seemed like a good idea at first.

When I saw the post for a park to be planted with fruit bearing tees in Seattle, the first of its kind in the United States, I thought that as great.  I saw an article for a park at Beacon Hill that ran in Seattle magazine in August 2012.

I “liked” the post.

When a friend reposted it my comment was “Great idea, however, I keep thinking the maintenance would be in the form of Round Up or similar.”

The last thought that occurred this morning as I made my husband’s breakfast was that it was irrelevant that Monsanto produces these products.  If by some chance there is insistence that the maintenance and care would be organic and the staff, paid and/or volunteer saw to it, there is the phantom factor of chemtrails that line the skies turning them white raining down ungodly elements that Nature cannot use.

Chemtrail Central documented information on chemtrails between 2000 and 2001 . The author used a sheet of glass, set it in rain and noticed that a film formed.  He had it analyzed.  If anyone disputes the results, his process, as I have given it, makes it extremely easy for anyone to duplicate.  If money is an issue, I would suggest taking it to the local agriculture extension.  Your purpose would be to see what is in the rain and how it can help your personal crops or your lawn.

Ted Gunderson. Former FBI chief, spoke about chemtrails tying them to the United Nations.  See his video done in the last year of his life.    It may be coincidental that Mr. Gunderson crossed over in the same year that he recorded that video.  Representative Dennis Kucinich acknowledged their existence and listed it in his Preservation of Space bill.

My husband’s parents were from the British Virgin Islands.  He spoke of his visits during the summer when he was sent to do chores.  On the way to and on his return he has his choice of what fruits he wanted to eat.  The fruit trees were various and plentiful; he was never hungry. Those days, chemtrails did not exist.  They do today and to all of the organic farmers I ask how do these rains impact the quality of the food that is grown in the interest of guaranteeing its quality for themselves and others interested in improving their health?

While in the BVI, I noticed chemtrails being sprayed there as well.  It was significant that they were most abundant when cruise ships visited.  A BV Islander noticed them too.  “More people get sick with sore throats after they appear,” she said.

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March 8, 2014

David Paul Starr posted on Facebook content that also acknowledges and document that chemtrails exist and what the stuff in them does to the body, particularly the brain, the Command Center.

“Every breath we take is now laden with toxic metals and chemicals from the ongoing global atmospheric spraying. These materials “bioaccumulate” in our bodies and brains. What we face from the climate engineering programs is nothing less than an all out assault against us, the planet, and all life.” – Dane Wigington,  Article: Neurologist Warns Aluminum in Chemtrails Could Cause “Explosive Increase in Neurodegenerative Diseases.”

We are living in it, walking, breathing, and working in it now.   I say it is a thinning of all populations by poisoning everything available.  It is logical that those who are implementing this project have their health-supporting resources allocated.

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Food Industry Investigation

February 23, 2014

Stop Bill C-18

Bill C-18, the “Agricultural Growth Act” omnibus bill, amending several federal agricultural laws, was introduced in Parliament on December 9, 2013. If passed, it will give multi-national agri-business much more money, power and control while increasing farmers’ costs and reducing farmers’ autonomy and Canadian sovereignty.

The following information about Bill C-18 and its implications, as well as about the NFU’s proposed Farmers Seed Act can be used as a Toolkit to help you organize opposition to the Bill.

Clarify your understanding of key issues related to C-18 by reading “Questions and Answers about Bill C-18.” A pdf download.


Question II by Allison L. Williams Hill

I thought the person who filed a lawsuit against a fast food chain would have validity if it had addressed the quality of the food products.  For example, it was revealed that many fast food chain products contain GMO.  Rodale’s 2012 impactful study showed that the bt toxin, long defended by Monsanto as being destroyed in the abdomen’s acid, showed up in the placental tissue of pregnant women and in their newborns.


Rather the lawsuit was dismissed because the plaintiff had the ability to not eat the product and to control what went into the body.  With GMO products, one cannot control what is in the product.   


The rising rate of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease has led to the possibility of investigating into the food industry knowledge and intent of creating food products that created addictive behavior.


Who is encouraging this?  Is it the citizen groups who have had it with the experience of being told what is available for them to consume?  Is it scientists who have studied the effects of food on the human body and mind?  Is it the insurance industry that is paying out for these illnesses?  Is it the state government funding Medicare and Medicaid?


The lack of information or the provision of “designed” information about the contents of processed food and its impact on behavior is almost as derisive as lying.  The knowledge of what is not healthy is in it and known but not told. 


This is a plan: Increase the desire to get more food that, when consumed, has physical consequences  (which varies per person) then sell the remedy to solve that problem.  That is the back end sale of the pharmaceutical industry.  Along with agriculture, both are monitored by the Food and Drug Administration.    The title of this department had never been the Food and Drug Safety Administration.


Is it necessary to investigate whether the food industry was aware of the addictive nature of their product formulas?    High fructose corn syrup, the cheapest sweetener, and the most affective substance in turning off the body’s natural system of satiation, is considered the major cause of the obesity and diabetes II of adults and children in this country.    


Is it necessary to investigate the food industry’s knowledge of the impact of advertising to children?  I’ve not read Ray Crock’s biography, but Eric Schlosser, author, discussed Crock’s observations at McDonald’s in his presentation at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  While I walk, I listen to the IIN lectures constantly on an iPod, provided by the school when I did the program online even though I graduated from the program almost 4 years ago.  Crock noticed that the money spent increased when children came into the restaurant with adults.  In other words, when children came, they made more money. 


That intelligence has been applied to commercials for children’s products of all kinds, including processed food.  Mr. Schlosser watched children’s programming with his own children and noticed that the same commercials were replayed.  He said he wondered why the commercials did not change.  He said it increased recall in the child; the information became “imprinted,” by definition means “to fix firmly, as in the mind.”  Mr. Schlosser then said the magic word: brainwashing.   


Foods advertised to children rarely have their nutritional health at heart.  Only a little information is provided, as sound bites in a commercial, or as stamps on the packaging to ensure they cover the adult’s perception of nutritional value to secure the purchase in response to a child’s constant requests.


And it is feasible that millions of advertising dollars were applied without research and just happened to gross billions of dollars in revenue.  If that is plausible to you, not only do I have a couple of bridges to sell you, not just one, mind you, but I’ll throw in for free inflammation so you can experience obesity; rheumatoid arthritis; diabetes, hypertension, and name another-prevalent-disease deliciously disguised in a boxed case of baked goods.