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We’re Back

August 16, 2013


After we relocated to the US, a lot of my time continues to be used for caregiving.  My husband and I are concentrating on his wellness.  On my Creative Caregiving website I discuss that the VA clinic and medical center where we are have been responsive and wonderful in their support of my husband’s health. 

My husband is now a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars and through them I found out how much the federal government is delinquent in processing pension applications.  I thought about looking up the names of the veterans used to discredit  John Carey when he was running for president against Bush 43.  Carey was a veteran; Bush was not and still is not a veteran.  He played at being a pilot and that is a dripping wad of spit in every pilot’s eye. 

Questions about Carey grew from testimonies about his shooting bullets into the heads of prone enemy soldiers.  A nun, tortured in a South American country, managed to survive by appearing dead in a mound of tortured nuns and other people.  She remembered hearing the supervisor talking on a phone in between the pain.  “How are the children?” he asked.  He had an American accent.  The nun’s experience was aired on 60 Minutes several years ago.

So, it was not possible that some of those prone enemy combatants could have risen and injured American soldiers.

The Veterans Administration did poorly addressing vets’ needs during Bush 43’s eight years as president.  The difficulty began during the Iraqi invasion.  It seemed as if Rumsfeld was more concerned about minimizing the publicized numbers of the fallen than providing adequate services for the wounded. To those veterans who spoke out against Carey:  How did you like those eight years?  Got all of your needs met?  Perhaps you did because you successfully helped non-soldiers “play” at being proficient as fighters and experienced strategists (called Republicans).  Know anyone who did not get their needs met?  There were many veterans who did not and still don’t. 

In light of my husband’s pending application at the VA at this point in time, I had to make a choice: either work outside of the home and place my husband in a facility or stay home to care for him.  My work has resumed fulfilling the latter, really the only choice, around the time that care is given. 

The stream to attract people to my work and services has been stocked with more information, videos I enjoyed creating, and products.  I do energy work for healing and for clear communication with Spirit.  One of the insights I received was that only one of the websites is important: In-Vesica: “Do All Things In-Vesica.”   The slogan means do all things from a spiritual place.  My husband’s website, Hill International Group, listing his work on small business development from his PDE (Project Demonstrating Excellence- a term used by the Union Institute and University where he received his doctorate degree) will be separate as will Full Spectrum Living, a gift from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to all graduates of the program for health coaching. 

Allison L. Williams Hill has over thirty years of experience from various architectural firms in New York City, her own practice there and in the Caribbean. She began studying spirituality over twenty years ago and enjoys channeling through art.  The architectural firm, L5 Design in the United States and L5 Associates in the Caribbean, was moved into In-Vesica where she integrates architecture and alternative medical therapy and her signature process, psycho-ecological design.